Tuesday, March 23

Pops of Polka Dot Apron

Make your time in the kitchen extra fun with pops of colorful polka dots! Stitch this vibrant apron with little effort and add floral embellishments with Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™.

Aleene's® Fabric Fusion™ Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive
– Sewing pins
– Iron
– Pinking shears
– Low-tack masking tape
– Orange Mini Dot – ¼ yard
– Scissors
– Jumbo rick-rack – bright pink
– Red Dot Tonal – ¾ yard
– Yellow Transitions – 1/3 yard
– Sewing machine
– Ruler or tape measure
– Green Fancy Floral – ¼ yard
– Lime Polka Dot – ¼ yard
– Fuchsia Polka Dot – 1/3 yard
– Craft brush – ½” flat
– Thread to match
– White Lace – ¼ yard
– Needle
– Paper towels
– Foil

1. Measure and cut a 30” x 18” rectangle from red fabric. Fold short sides over ½” then another ½”, iron flat then sew in place.
2. To create bottom hem, fold over ½” then 1” and sew in place.
3. To create apron ties, cut two 5” x 30” strips of pink fabric. Fold over lengthwise, right sides together, and sew along sides, sewing an angle at one end and leaving other end open. Trim seams, turn right side out and iron flat.
4. Measure and cut two 16½” x 3” yellow sections for waistband. Fold over ½” along one long edge and iron flat. Lay one of the yellow waistband pieces right side up on work surface and pin pink apron ties at each end of piece. Pin other yellow waistband piece right side down on top of first piece, sandwiching ties in between, then sew along one long side and two short sides. Trim seams, turn right side out and iron flat.
5. Pin top of apron inside open end of waistband, folding equally spaced pleats at the top of apron until excess fabric fits. Sew in place. Hand sew folded edge on backside of waistband in place on apron, covering sewing line.
6. Layer several pieces of red fabric then pin large scallop pattern in place. Use pinking shears to cut around pattern. Cut six red scallops then repeat step, creating two smaller sections from pink, orange and yellow. Refer to photo.
7. Squeeze a puddle of Fabric Fusion on foil. Place a pink section right side down on a paper towel. Dip flat brush into glue then brush on a thin, even coat to back of fabric piece. Carefully center on red section then press to secure. Repeat with all scallop pieces. Let dry.
8. Use pinking shears to cut a 4” circle from orange and red fabric. Pin each section onto lace then loosely cut around lace, leaving a wavy 1” border around each.
9. Flower: Cut a 4” x 30” strip from pink fabric and a 3” x 30” strip from yellow. Fold in half lengthwise, placing wrong sides together, and iron smooth. Use a needle and thread to sew a basting stitch along cut edge, gathering fabric along the way. Gather tightly then sew a few stitches to hold in place at other end. Roll strip, lining up edges along sewn side then sew through gathers to hold flower together. Repeat with other strip.
10. Leaves: Cut two 4” squares from green fabric then three 3” squares from lime and one 3” square from green fabric. Fold a square in half wrong sides together then bring top corners to center. Slightly overlap then hold with a pin to secure. Sew a gather stitch along cut edge. Tightly gather then add a few stitches to secure. Repeat with all squares.
11. Position scallops along hem of skirt, alternating colors and placing about ½” under hem. Glue in place. Brush glue to back of lace sections then press in place at bottom of apron as shown.
12. Position fabric circles in place then position leaves where desired. The cut edge of leaf will be covered by edge of fabric circles. Glue leaves in place accordingly. Brush glue to back of fabric circle then press in place, covering ends of leaves adjusting as needed. Let dry.
13. Glue flowers in place. Let dry.
14. Cut rick-rack to width of hem then add three additional inches and cut. Working in short sections at a time, apply a thin bead of glue to back on one end of rick-rack strip, fold 1” or so to back and hold with a small piece of tape. Glue rick-rack in place along bottom hem of apron, holding in place with tape as needed until dry.

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