Sunday, March 21

Queen for a Day Tiara

Crafty Chica created this pretty and glittery queen headress for Mother's Day or anyday! Here's the instructions to make your own sparkly creation!

Queen for a Day Tiara
Designed and Decorated by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Aleene's® Paper Glaze
Crafty Chica™ Uno Inspiration Cards™
Crafty Chica™ Little Chica Paint Packs™
Crafty Chica™ Chunky Glitters in Popstar Purple
– Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®
– Hot glue gun
– Small silk roses
– Paintbrush
– Plastic beaded necklace (optional)
– Scissors
– Wood disc
– Glitter snowflake ornaments (optional)
– Scratch paper
– Plastic tiara
– Newspaper
– Silk leaves

1. Cover work surface with newspaper. Cut out the Queen image or image of choice from the Crafty Chica™ Inspiration Cards™ pack. Glue image to center of wood disc with Original Tacky Glue™. Let dry.
2. Using color of choice from the Crafty Chica™ Little Chica Paint Packs™, paint the area left uncovered by the image on the disc, adding an additional coat if necessary.
3. With a clean brush, paint over painted section of disc with Aleene’s® Paper Glaze™ and sprinkle Chunky Glitter™ of choice over Paper Glaze™, pressing glitter with finger to secure. Let dry, then shake off excess glitter onto scratch paper and pour back into container to be reused.
4. Use hot glue gun to glue disc to center of tiara. Let dry.
5. Use Original Tacky Glue™ to adhere silk roses and leaves around the base of tiara. Let dry.
6. Cut a portion of a beaded necklace to fit around disc on tiara. Glue on with Original Tacky Glue™, then glue glittered snowflake ornaments around the back edge of disc. Let dry.

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