Thursday, March 18

Recycled Silver Bangle bracelet

Can you believe it started as a plastic water bottle? No one will believe this custom bracelet is reclaimed and reworked plastic.
– Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™ in Silver Metallics
– Pencil
– Masking tape
– Paper towel
– Scissors
– Plastic drink bottle, 20 oz.
– Tracing paper
– Craft knife
– Aluminum metal tape (plumbing dept – home improvement stores)
– pattern (click here for pattern)

1. Wash and dry bottle. Carefully cut off top and bottom of bottle using craft knife, leaving smooth center.
2. To create bracelet, cut lengthwise down center section. Use scissors to cut a 2” wide strip.
3. Apply metal tape to bracelet, smoothing out any wrinkles. Use scissors to trim edges straight if needed.
4. Wrap bracelet around a jar or bottle and tape ends in place to secure.
5. Trace pattern onto tracing paper. Position pattern in place on bracelet and add a piece of tape to secure. Use pencil to trace over lines leaving an impression on bracelet.
6. Start flow of dimensional paint on paper towels, using an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Referring to photo, squeeze thick lines of Silver Metallic over pattern. Set aside to dry.


Richard said...

Great article, very well written….and very informative. Thanks for sharing!

Silver Bangle

CharmN Jewelry said...

Very pretty in silver.can create a statement when worn with the correct attire.And what is nice about silver is that they can make casual as well as party look using them effectively.

Anniversary gift ideas

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