Friday, March 26

Shimmer and Shine Sequin Flower Purse

Don't let ordinary fabric glue turn your dream design into a nightmare. Use Aleene's Fabric Fusion, the ultimate glue for all fabric projects. No stringiness, no toxic fumes - just a permanent, dry-cleanable bond between your fabric and a wide range of embellishments from beads and trims to sequins and rhinestones. Aleene's Fabric Fusion. Because you deserve a glue as unique as your designs.

Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive
– Single sequins: assorted shapes, colors, finishes
– Ribbon, 2 yards black grosgrain
– Scissors
– Sequin trims: 5 yards each assorted colors and widths
– Sequin trim for fringe around bottom, 10 yards
– Wedge make-up sponges
– Clothespins
– Sewing pins
– Foil
– Pencil
– Low tack masking tape
– Purse with flat sides
– Wool Felt, ½ yard natural
– Ruler
– Patterns 1 & 2 (click here and scroll down to bottom of materials list for pattern)

1. Measure and cut felt to fit around purse and a section for bottom, adding an inch for overlap on each. Squeeze a large puddle of Fabric Fusion on foil. Tap flat end of wedge sponge in glue then swipe glue along bottom of purse. Center and press felt piece in place. Use scissors to make ½” wide snips along excess felt. Apply glue to lower edge of purse then press excess in place creating a finished edge.
2. Swipe glue on purse then press felt into place butting edges where they meet. The felt can be trimmed close top of purse or folded inside and glued in place.
3. Cut out patterns, pin to felt and cut out.
4. Leaves: Starting at tip of leaf, apply glue to back of sequin, press in place about ¼” over edge to cover edge of felt. Continue with next sequin slightly overlapping first. Continue covering remaining felt leaf. Let dry. For vein, cut a 3” strip of darker green sequin trim. Squeeze a thin wavy bead of glue down center of leaf then press trim into place. Let dry. To apply sequin trim to felt, apply a thin bead of glue in desired design – circles, stripes etc., then press trim into place. Poke a pin to hold ends in place if needed until dry. Continue with remainder of leaves using different sequins, and trims for each referring to photo for design reference.
5. Flowers: Pin and cut patterns from felt. Starting along outer edges, glue overlapping single sequins and sequin trim in place. 6. Apply a thin bead of glue following desired direction or design of sequins then press into place. Center of red flower has large single sequin glued in a circle then sequin trim coiled and glued in center. Let dry.
7.Bottom sequin loops: Apply a bead of Fabric Fusion along bottom edge of purse about ½” up from lower edge. Starting at back, poke a pin into end of sequin trim to hold in place. Loop trim down about 3” then loop up into glue poking a pin to hold loop in place. Continue around entire edge of purse gluing and pinning. Let dry. Remove pins.
8. Position dry sequined flowers where shown. Use pencil to lightly draw on different areas of design; circles, stripes and filled in areas. Glue designs to about ½” up from bottom edge. Remove flowers. Apply glue and sequins in design area: add sequins to an area then move onto the next keeping in mind to cover edges, overlapping sequins to fill in areas solid so no felt shows through.
9.Glue several strands of different sequin trims around bottom edge to cover loops of fringe.
Finish back of purse as desired.
10. Position flowers and leaves in place having edge of flower and leaf over lower edge. Glue leaves in place first. Apply glue to bottom third on back of leaf then press in place. Glue flower layers in place applying glue to bottom third of each petal then glue entire center in place.
11. Handles: Remove handles. Thread ribbon through one loop then over to other loop. The handle is double ribbon. Determine length then trim ends. Use a new wedge sponge to swipe Fabric Fusion on a small section of ribbon. Press other ribbon in place then hold with clothespin until dry. Continue with remaining handle. Repeat with other handle. Let dry then remove pins.
12. Apply a thin bead of Fabric Fusion down center of ribbon handle and press on sequins. Hold with clothespins or low tack masking tape until dry. Carefully remove tape or clothespins.

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