Wednesday, May 19

2nd Annual List: 25 Signs that You Love to Create!

2nd Annual List of 25 Signs that You Love to Create

1. Instead of taking clippings of plants for your garden, you take swatches of lace and fabric for future applique opportunities.

2. You've started referring to craft bloggers in conversation by their first names, even though you've never met them.

3. Your most cherished childhood memory is of raiding grandma's button tins.

4. You buy a pair of shoes solely based on the fact that they'll look amazing displayed against your newly painted walls.

5. You're thrilled by the fact that you can pull up a 40% off coupon on your iPhone, when you're at the local Hobby Lobby.

6. You hoard fabric, glitter, paint, yarn and know, just in case any of those things should suddenly become unavailable to the masses.

7. Some people see plain fabric, you see a challenge.

8. You organize movie nights based on the craft-based content of the films. Character's knitting? Check. Fantastic quilt a part of the set? Excellent. Oh wait, they're garrish, feathery head dresses in a scene? Even better!

9. You convince your family that a road trip to see Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite would PALE in comparison to a vacation encompassing the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival, Maker Faire, the Houston Quilt Festival and the Craft SuperShow!

Spotted: Crochet Tagging on S. Lamar in Austin!

10. Dinner conversation at your house consists of debates about the relevance of traditional graffiti vs. yarn bombing.

11. You purposely choose a dress in a pale color that will look terrible on you, because you like the challenge of dyeing it the perfect shade to contrast with your hair.

12. You consider the day of the Project Runway's "Fashion Week" episode, a holiday.

13. If something can be ripped into strips, it's not safe around you because you immediately want to knit, crochet or weave with it.

Setting up for newspaper yarn demo

14. You're a "fan" of at least 10 craft related pages on FaceBook (including of course, I Love to Create's.)

15. You signed up for a Twitter account specifically because you can't bear to miss out on up-to-the-minute crafty gossip.

16. When a friend tells you a piece of good news, your mind wanders mid-story as you begin mentally planning the the design of the "Congratulations" card you'll make for him.

17. You plan the color scheme of an entire room in your house, based on a stack of your favorite Amy Butler and Alexander Henry fabrics that you'd like to have displayed on a shelf.

18. Collage Pauge is right up there with toothpaste and hand soap, as a must-have staple in your home.

19. You've not only read the interviews in Craft Corps, you've taken notes in the margins and highlighted your favorite, inspirational quotes. Ok, this may be more my personal wish than an actual sign. Humor me, though.

Craft Corps book Proof of Life!

20. You feel that one person's buttons & zippers are another person's necklace and headbands.

21. You may not know that Malawi is in Africa, but you sure as heck know that MJ Trim is in New York! I probably wouldn't admit to that one though, if I were you.

22. There's nothing like the smell of Tacky Glue and Fabric Paint in the morning!

23. Who needs ocean sounds and bird chirping? You feel that the hum of your sewing machine is a perfect form of audio relaxation.

24. You have bumper stickers on your car that say things like, "Heavens to Etsy!" and "All Hail Handmade!"

25. You're constantly in need of a manicure because of a perpetual case of "crafter's hands".

Got more signs? Post 'em here!


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