Wednesday, June 2

Fashion Graffiti now available at Wal-mart!!!

Good news for all you DIY Fashionistas out there!! Tulip® Fashion Graffiti is now available at Wal-Mart! What you get is the fabulous Fashion Graffiti™ Spray Cannon along with 5 Fashion Graffiti Spray Cannon Paint Refills.

Now's your chance to get your hands on this innovative Spray Cannon!! Seriously, it is so cool. It gives you the look of spray paint, without all the harsh fumes and rough feel when you use traditional spray paint. Also, it is so easy to use, you just pump it up and spray. It's also safe for the earth - that’s right, this non-aerosol fashion tool is environmentally friendly so you can create your look without feeling guilty. By using this product over competing aerosol sprays – assuming a 12,000 unit annual volume – fashion divas can reduce the earth’s carbon footprint by 0.51 tons of carbon dioxide per year!

Here's a video showing Maya in the Moment demoing how to use the Spray Cannon!!

Here's some cool projects to try using the Fashion Graffiti™ Spray Cannon

Off with Her Head Tee

Go Graffiti for Graduation

Totally Me Graffiti Tee

Mia Bella Tote

Urban Kicks

Graffiti Glam Cap

Go out to Wal-mart and get your hands on it! You'll be glad you did!!! And share your completed projects on our brand new Tulip® Fashion Art Facebook page!

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