Friday, July 30

TRENDSPOT: Girl Power!

DC Comics super heroine, Wonder Woman, who first appeared in 1941 received a dramatic - and amongst her fans, controversial - makeover with the June 2010 release of Issue No. 600 of her monthly comic book series. Here's my impression: The original Wonder Woman is all-American, strong yet feminine, and pantless. The updated version of Wonder Woman looks like a vampire out of the Twilight series. Kind of a 'goth romance' look. I must say the tights/pants and the cropped motorcycle jacket will make it much easier for her to fight injustice and crime.
What makes this story trend relevant for me is the influence she is having on fashion and makeup. MAC Cosmetics revealed that the company is partnering with DC Comics' Wonder Woman to create a limited edition color cosmetics collection featuring the illustrated superhero. Set for a spring 2011 launch at all MAC locations worldwide, the lineup is expected to include lipsticks, eye shadows, blush and nail polish ranging in price from $13 to $49.
Alexandre Vauthier is currently one of the hot names on the Paris couture scene, with Rihanna and Madonna leading the fan club for his moulded-to-the-body, sci-fi silhouette. His fall/winter 2010 couture collection is Wonder Woman inspired, with plunging V necklines and dangling sleeves that were today's super-heroine's answer to the cape.

It is also rumored that there is a Wonder Woman movie in the works for 2013. Super exciting!

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