Wednesday, July 14

TRENDSPOT: Watercolors!

Donna Karan

Charlotte Russe
When I was in college as an art major I took many painting classes. By far my favorite painting style was watercolor. I loved it because it was so fluid, self-expressive and inspired by the mix of light and color and water. From a technique perspective I loved it because I could layer color, it dried fast and it was an easy clean up. I still love it today for the exact same reasons. Now that it's a fashion trend I can't wait to make my next watercolor painting on my wearables instead of on paper.

Clothes are now the best canvas for fashion designers who are offering inspiring and artistically creative wearables based on the water color prints trend for 2010. The technique is often impressionistic and dreamy, with vivid hues and ethereal palettes in florals and broad brushstroke patterns.
Cynthia Rowely
Above, from left: Peter Pilotto Tank, $495, available at Opening Ceremony; Urban Outfitters Watercolor Wayfarer, $4.99, available at Urban Outfitters; The Limited Watercolor Floral Scarf, $16.99, available at The Limited; Creatures of Comfort Stine Goya Simply Pants, $373, available at Creatures of Comfort.
For more creative ideas on this watercolor technique, click here and here.

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