Monday, August 9

Add a faux leather sheen with Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™ !

We absolutely love seeing people using our products in new and different ways, so when we saw this tutorial from Eat Really Super Fast, we were super excited.

She turned a pair of plain shorts into painted leather-look shorts (after being inspired by these runway fashions). Ok, would this be considered pleather? Well, kinda/sorta, but this look doesn't look as sticky, more a cool vinyl sheen! All she did was brush on the 3D Fashion Paint™ (3 coats) with a foam brush onto the fabric.
And here she is modeling her creation! It's so cool when people create a project and also show how to coordinate it into their outfit. It really helps me see how I can incorporate this look into my wardrobe.

Check out her other amazing tutorials including this cool triangle print shirt onthe Eat Really Super Fast blog! Her dreamlike photos are a must-see as well!

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