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In the best-selling book, author Elizabeth Gilbert travels to Italy, Indonesia and Bali in pursuit of inner happiness. The page-turner struck a nerve with women everywhere and has now been made into a motion picture starring Julia Roberts. While exotic and entertaining to read and watch - reality is that not all of us are able to go to such lengths for our own self-discovery. We have to find bits and blocks of paradise within our everyday lives. To me, this is where crafting comes in. My dream is to go to India someday, but until then, I'll have to settle for renting Bollywood movies and incorporating the beloved culture into my decor and style.

India and Indonesia were the inspirations for this tote. First off, I chose a tote because it is the ultimate travel companion. Between shopping and sightseeing, you need a carry all to hold all your treasures! For the background, I wanted an Indonesian batik-effect, and for the top, I celebrated Indian henna art. I felt guilty for leaving out Italy (a place that I did get to visit!), so I added "vini, vidi, vici," (I came, I saw, I conquered).

Materials List


1. Cover work surface with plastic. Prewash tote and iron flat.
2. Arrange the chunky yarn on top of the canvas tote and make it swirled all over. Spray with lime green fabric paint. Make sure it is saturated very well.
3. Remove the yarn and spray the yellow over the open spaces where the yarn was. Let dry for four hours.
4. Use the Black Tulip 3D Fashion paint to draw henna designs all over the tote. Let dry for several hours.
5. Color in various areas with red marker.

Miscellaneous Notes

Henna designs can be found on internet.

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