Wednesday, September 1

iloveToCreate Teen Craft: Collage journal!

Hi! I'm Maya from! I'm super excited to join the iLoveToCreate crafty family! I'll be sharing ideas the first and third Wednesday of every month right here on this blog.

a little bit about me: I'm 17 years-old and am a senior in high school. I like playing and writing music, crafting, photography and my favorite thing to do is make videos!

Anyway, today is my first project! It's a collage journal I made from a notebook that my mom bought at the grocery store. I decorated it so I can use it to write down all my ideas so I don't forget them.
Here's a video I made that shows how to do it:


I hope you like it! Please leave me a comment on the video and feel free to share it with all your friends!


Craft on!
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Anstasia said...

This is a great idea... and I am making one today! I have post-it notes everywhere and need to be more organized! Great job on your first project.
**Side question** Your "thinking tiara" ... where did you get that? Make it? I NEED one!!!

Kathi Kraftyzales said...

teen-agers??? Ha! I turned 58 yesterday and I'm making me one of these journals today.
One question: What? No glitter?
Gonna make me some favorite quotes or song lyrics to put on my cover. Wonderful idea. You are so precious.
A regular chip off the old (sorry K.) block.

TamaleyDiva said...

Oh, Maya what a wonderful project.. I can make this with my kids at school. And I will be able to show them your video to follow. Thumbs UP, chica !! I would love to see more projects like this I can share with my art classes. I have to try make a number of these for samples for children to see. :)

Pattie Donham Wilkinson said...

Maya, I love the journal!
You are tooo cute, and so creative.
We are soo excited to welcome you to the Design Team here at iLoveToCreate.

Gothictany said...

Maya this rocks!! You can add just about anything!!
Great idea muchacha! XP
CONGRATS on getting featured on this Craftylious blog!!
*pumps fist*

Tess said...

Well done Maya - Loved your little tutorial. Let's see now, would you be the
"Crafty Chica-ette"? :)

Anonymous said...

Great project for anyone! Great job Maya!

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