Friday, December 24

Kwanzaa Candlestick Set

Designed and Decorated by Susie Shinseki

Celebrate the season with a decorative touch.

Materials List

  • Aleene's® Platinum Bond 7800® All-Purpose Adhesive

  • Miscellaneous

    •   Aluminum foil
    •   Spray sealer
    •   Narrow name sign, 2-1/2” x 18”
    •   Utility sponge
    •   Terra-cotta mini pots: (2) 3” x 4”, (7) 2-1/4”, (2) 1-3/4“, (1) 2-1/2“ (optional: use the same size
    •   Natural jute, 3 ply No. 20
    •   Votive candles: (1) black, (3) green, (3) red
    •   Brushes; #4 liner, ¾” flat
    •   Acrylic paints; black, red, green, purple, yellow 


    1. Base coat the top and bottom of name sign, and all pots, including insides, black.
    2. Paint three 2-1/4” pots and one 1-3/4” pot red, leaving rim black.
    3. Paint three 2-1/4” pots and one 1-3/4” pot green, leaving rim black.
    4. Paint remaining pots purple, leaving rim black.
    5. To form candle cups, glue bottoms of same color pots together. Set aside two large purple pots which will be the base of the candleholder.
    6. Red pots: On upper pot, paint yellow spots. Paint black strokes around the yellow spots and random purple swirls. On bottom pot, paint yellow stripes and purple zigzags.
    7. Green pots: On upper pot, paint irregular yellow rectangles similar to giraffe spots. Dab some purple in centers of rectangles. On bottom pot, paint purple squares with a dab of red in centers.
    8. Center purple pots: Paint a red inverted triangle on the top pot and paint wavy red, green, black and yellow lines surrounding the triangle. On bottom pot, paint red tiger stripes.
    9. Remaining large purple pots: Paint black tiger stripes and outline with yellow. Let dry.
    10. Sponge gold around rims of all pots and around edge of name sign.
    11. Spray seal name sign and all pots. Let dry.
    12. Cut a 12” piece of jute for each candle cup. Double each piece of jute and tie around the center of each cup. Make a knot, trim and fray ends.
    13. Glue bottoms of the two large purple pots to the base of the name sign. Let dry. Turn over.
    14. Glue purple candle cup to center of sign. Continue gluing candle cups, three red to one side and three green to the other side until all are in place.
    15. Use crumpled foil to elevate votives in candle cups.

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