Saturday, January 29

iLoveToCreate at CHA Winter 2011 Tradeshow

The iLoveToCreate Drivers of Creativity booth

CHA has been a blast so far! We wanted to share a look into our booth, our new products, and some fab projects!

Our theme is "iLoveToCreate: Drivers of Creativity"! It is inspired by all things racing and driving!

We have been showcasing our new products: Tulip® Body Art, Tulip® Beads in a Bottle, Aleene's® Dry Adhesives, and our new Tulip® Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paints & Sheets!

Here's a few fun photos from the past 2 days of our tradeshow!

Photo by TiltShift Generator

New Tulilp® Fashion Glitter products
Here's a detail of the new Tulip® Fashion Glitter Shimmer Paints and Shimmer Sheets at work. So sparkly and radiant!

Photo by TiltShift Generator
Tulip® Beads in a Bottle purse and dress detail by Pattiewack.

Beads in a Bottle Demo
Pattiewack doing Beads in a Bottle.

Body Art Tattoos
Tulip® Body Art tattoos!

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