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Meet a Let's Create LIVE! Design Challenger: Tiffany Windsor


Tiffany Windsor will be participating in our Let's Create LIVE! Design Challenge coming up Thursday of next week (read all about the Design Challenge here)! We are so excited to be having this incredibly crafty lady play with us for our live show airing Thursday of next week (April 28th 9-11 AM PST)!

Tiffany has truly lived the crafty life, and it's literally in her blood! Her Mom, Aleene, was the creator of Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue® and there has never been a time when crafting didn't influence her life!

Tiffany is widely known for her hosting and producing duties on TNN's Aleene's Creative Living, which lasted 8 years. She produced and hosted over 2,000 episodes and served as editor for the show's companion magazine! Tiffany has also hosted the Inspired at Home LIVE show as well as shows for FaveCrafts Radio on BlogTalk Radio.

Tiffany now focuses on her energies on the Cool2Craft web site and related Cool2Craft social media sites. Tiffany hosts Cool2Craft Live TV along with producing other great shows featuring artists Heidi Borchers, Julianna Hudgins, and Linda Peterson. The shows feature great demos and creative projects to inspire crafters of all skill levels!

Here's just a few of Tiffany's projects she's featured over the past couple of years! She loves using both vintage Tacky Glue and new experimental techniques in her projects.

Tiffany Windsor mosaic

We wanted to learn more about Tiffany and asked her a few questions about her crafty endeavors!

1. Having been born around crafts your entire life, you’ve probably seen it all! What is the strangest crafting fad that you’ve seen/participated in? Nothing is strange in my crafting world. Having grown up with a mother who was glittering garbage, trimming trash and decorating discards there was nothing in my family that was safe from being crafted. I do remember that I thought it was gross when my mom brought home liver containers and lids to shrink in the oven. But, soon after a huge crafting phenomenon of shrink plastic was born so it wasn’t so strange after all.

2. You’ve worn many hats during your career in the craft industry...Crafter, TV Host, Producer, Magazine Editor, and Entrepreneur, and much more? Which role did you learn the most from and why? Gee, no one role in particular. I have always learned from every experience. From my tv hosting, I learned how to step beyond being painfully shy. From my producer experience, I learned that I really enjoyed the minute details and hectic pace of producing a daily tv show. From my magazine editor experience, I learned that I really enjoyed working with a creative team. From my entrepreneur experience, I learned that we are our own worst critic and we really need move beyond the self imposed walls of self-doubt.

3. Being a self-described “Hard-core crafter”, what is your toughest and nitty grittiest crafting experience? I coined the phrase hard-core crafter for myself when everyone said to me that the word “craft” was dead. I didn’t want to tell them they were wrong so I decided to embrace it and shout out that I was a proud to be a crafter who had no problem getting her hands all gluey nor letting the paint dry under her fingernails.

4. In your opinion, how has social media changed the game in how crafters create and connect? It’s amazing how social media has brought the crafting world together. We can share our passion and ideas with the world with one click of the enter key on our computer.

5. Everyone knows you for crafting, but what non-crafty related passions do you have that keep you going? I love to study quantum physics and metaphysics and I love to try new raw food recipes. And glue keeps me together and yoga keeps me going :)

Here's just one of many of the fun technique videos that Tiffany has created for her Cool2Craft show showing you how to make a fun and pretty fabric rose. Find more Cool2Craft videos on Youtube! You can also watch all the Cool2Craft action on the Cool2Craft Livestream channel. Thanks Tiffany for sharing your creativity with us!

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