Friday, June 10

Featured Artist Friday with David Young

David Young, one of our iLoveToCreate Featured Artists possesses a unique talent to create paintings that are both vivid and illustrative. Early works such as “Retraloe” and “Fish Fish” brought David onto the art world scene, yet his most recent works “Glorious Garden” and “Seven Sisters” have really made their mark with enthusiasts.

Nature’s beauty has played a tremendous role in the direction of David's art thus far. He pays homage to nature, and presents his findings in a manner that invites the viewer to engage in the subject matter.

Although David has significant experience using a variety of media, his artwork takes the use canvas and acrylic to a whole new level. His techniques build a two-dimensional painting into a living world you can touch and feel. The use of Tulip dimensional fabric paint has exclusively facilitated the development of his unique painting style.

Here's just a sampling of David's vibrant, abstract style in some of his colorful canvases...

We asked David a few questions about his art and inspiration. This is what he had to say...

Describe your style. Most of my work is illustrative, but I would say for the most part my style bounces all over the place. I find it refreshing to go through many different movements. This helps combat the design rut so many designers/artists face.

What inspires you and your creative process?
I really find inspiration in everything. Nothing is too insignificant or the opposite, too trendy. I actually write about my daily design inspirations and they can be found on my blog.

What is one art material you absolutely cannot do without? I really cannot do without a camera. The likely answer for this would be dimensional paint and that answer would be a very, very close second. The reason I chose the camera is that no matter how much I paint, I cannot show my creativity to the world unless I photograph it and send it on its way. It is after all the digital age and the world is pretty small due to the internet, so if I just stick with traditional door to door ventures than I start off severely limiting myself. Its tough enough just to get the exposure you think you deserve.

How do you organize your work space? I have a love for all thing in containers. I'm not sure where I heard the phrase, "A place for everything and everything in it's place", but for some reason I've never forgotten it. All my supplies depending the medium is grouped together per container. Don't just think you need to go purchase an empty container either. I like to reuse containers that once housed certain foods. It's kind of neat how once you obtain a new container there is already an art supply ready to jump in it.

What would you change about your work space? Space, space, and more space! I love to keep everything organized and have working space dedicated to whatever project I'm working on. Unfortunately, I do not have the adequate space at the moment to accommodate all my activities, so I am looking forward to the day when that dream is filled. I think constantly moving supplies around stifles creativity. Look out when I get that space!!! :P

Do you listen to music while you work? What do you listen to? I love music. I really try to listen to it every time I paint. Sometimes I'll start painting early in the morning and forget to turn on iTunes and about an hour or so into it I'll think to myself something doesn't seem right. It never fails that the "something" is the lack of music. My current playlist consists of The Packway Handle Band, G Love, Eagles of Death Metal, Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder, Led Zeppelin, Magnolia Electric Company, and the Beastie Boys. I really haven't met a lot of music I'm not friendly to.

What would you tell an artist just starting out? I would say make sure you go at your work 100% and don't listen to anyone who says give it more. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 100+%!!! When you think you have reached 100%, go another 10%-15%. What you will find is that you were actually only at 85%–90%. When you go that extra 10%–15% past what you initially thought was 100% you'll find great satisfaction in the outcome. You just need to be in control and not let your work dictate what is finished. It has really helped me in the past to let my artwork go and turn my attention to the next project. Get it? Great! Don't be scared! After all it is YOUR artwork!!!

Here's a few more amazing works by David! Thanks David for inspiring us this Friday!

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