Thursday, June 9

Frilly Feather Earrings

Take your look to new heights with a pair of feather earrings bedazzled with Tulip® Fashion Art products and your glittery personality!

Frilly Feather Earrings

Designed by: Laurie Eaton

Supplies & Tools:

• Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™

• Holiday Green 017754157997

• Tulip® Fashion Glitter™

• Silver Fine Jewel 017754235503

• Tulip® Glitter Bond™ 017754232786

• Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Crystals™

• Multi-Color Value Pack

• Tulip® Fashion Art Tweezers™

• Liquid Fusion™ Clear Urethane Glue 017754249548

• Feather earrings

• Small paintbrush

• Foil

• Toothpicks

• Scratch paper


1. Squeeze a small puddle of Holiday Green Soft Fabric Paint onto foil. Use small brush to lightly apply a thin layer at top of earring feathering paint as shown. Let dry.

2. Squeeze a small puddle of Glitter Bond onto foil. Dip clean brush into adhesive then very lightly brush into areas over paint. Immediately sprinkle Silver Glitter over surface and then pounce excess onto scratch paper. Let dry.

3. Squeeze a small puddle of Liquid Fusion onto foil. Working in sections at a time, use toothpick to add a dot of glue along spine of feather as shown. Use Fashion Art Tweezers to set Iron-On Crystals into glue, starting with Blue at the top and transitioning to Green then Clear at the bottom. Add a few clear crystals randomly around top as shown. Let dry.

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