Tuesday, May 1

Task Board with Paper Glazed Magnets

Summer break is only a month away.  I've been trying to think of some ways I can add structure to the summer so we won't go crazy.  I wanted to create a visual display of the things my boys need to do each day.  I've seen a lot of great chore charts, but I also wanted a way to regulate their screen time (TV and iPhone, etc.).  Here's what I came up with.

I got out some magnets I already had and some circular stickers I had as well.  They happened to be the same size.  Score.

I applied the stickers to the magnets and then drew little pictures to symbolize different tasks they need to complete each day.  (i.e.  toothbrush for brushing teeth, toy for putting away toys, shirt for getting dressed)

Then I applied a generous layer of Aleene's paper glaze.  I think this product is so cool.  I've been dying to try it out.  I creates a glass-looking layer over things.  My boys thought the "bubble magnets" were so cool.

They look like this at first and then they turn kind of white.  When they are finally all dry they are clear.  That takes a long time, though.  I did mine early in the morning and they were still white that evening.  (Hence they are still white in most of these pictures.)

For the board I used a magnet board I already had.  (If you don't have one and don't know a store that sells them, you can buy a frame you like and then buy some sheet metal at a home improvement store.  Bring a magnet to be sure it'll hold the magnets.  Then cut it with tin snips and put it in the frame.)

I added vinyl, but you could easily use paper and glue the words on or write on it with a marker.

If you're interested in the details of the chart, here's how it goes.

So, obviously they get to move the magnet to the "done" area once they've completed the task.  Once it's in the "done" area the magnet equals 10 minutes of screen time.  This way they can't watch TV or play on the phone until they've completed some of their tasks AND it regulates their screen time.  They get one hour max a day because there are only 6 tasks.  Once they use the ten minutes of screen time the magnet goes over to the "screen time" area to show that it's been used.  So right now the chart show that Rex has completed three of his tasks and has used 10 minutes of this screen time.

The boys are pretty excited about it.  I love finding ways to visually teach them principles.  Visual learning always helps me understand things better and I hope it will help them as well.

And here are the magnets dry.

Thanks for dropping in.


teanotea said...

What task is Batman?

iammommahearmeroar said...

Cleaning up toys. It's his favorite toy :)

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