Friday, June 29

Patriotic Projects You Can DIY

I'm going to start with a disclaimer: none of these patriotic garments is a DIY project - they all can be bought at whatever retail store they are sold at. But here's the deal... WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN DIY? These all look handmade but they cost way more than if you made them yourself. Let's get inspired by what's out there selling in our favorite stores, but let's make our own!

Flag biker jacket from Topshop

You can make it using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a star stencil.
Dip-dye top by Lucky Brand
You can make this by dipping your white tee into Tulip One-Step Tie Dye. So simple!

Festival top by Lucky Brand

You can paint this by cutting out stars and ironing them on. 
All you need are Tulip Fashion Glitter Sheetsa star template, an iron, and a pair of scissors.

Flag printed shorts from Topshop

You can make this using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a star stencil. If you don't have a steady hand to paint stripes, use painters tape.

 Heart flag tunic by Free People

You can make this using Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint, a star template, and painters tape to make stripes.

 Flag tee shirt by Lucky Brand

You can make this using Tulip Fabric Spray, some tape and some star stickers -- just spray right over the top of the tape and stickers with paint, then remove to reveal your patriotic design.

 Patchwork denim shorts from Urban Outfitters

Create these by cutting up old denim to make square patches. Fray the edges and useAleene's Fabric Glue to apply them to your rockin' festival-inspired shorts! How easy is that?!

Okay, so these tie-dye shoes from Urban Outfitters might be less than DIY-able, but they are really cool and would look great with any of the Independence Day DIY's you may be wearing!


JoJo said...

Very cute stuff, but I'd twist my ankle if I wore those shoes.

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Camellia Androos said...

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