Tuesday, June 19

rusty relief painting

As many of you know I love 3-D and I keep coming up with new ways to use it- I am on a mission to use it in all kinds of different ways! This time around I used 3-D paint to create rusty relief paintings on canvas.

Picture 2
I used my stash of Scribbles 3-D Paint Pens.

And I doodled (of course) in white all over the surface of a canvas that I painted in a rust color (I was inspired by rusty metal for this project).

I filled the entire surface with my designs.

Once the 3-D paint was dry I painted over the top of my designs

and then wiped the paint away- just enough to pull the pigment from the top of the dried 3-D paint.

The result is a relief painting that has wonderful dimension and texture on the surface and because of the color, has the feeling of rusty metal.


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Margot Potter said...

Very, very cool technique. Looks like Batik!


JoJo said...

I was gonna say batik too, or those cool henna tattoos!

Leslie Culver said...

Is the background and the relief paint the same and is it acrylic paint?

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! And I love the color! Such a great idea to use puff paint to add dimension to canvases.

Unknown said...

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