Monday, September 3

Make it, with Madge: How To Use the New Tulip Screen-it Machine!

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How-to Use the new Tulip Screen-It Machine
DIY Chevron Print T-Shirt
Margot Potter

Team Potter made a video tutorial this weekend using our new Tulip Screen-it Machine!  Here it is!  All you'll need is a cotton t-shirt, a chevron print image and the kit.  It took a few tries to get it right, if you have any issues with your print or holes in the sides of your screen, a little blue painters tape fixes things right up.  Hope you enjoy!

(Note: To make our shirt, we screened the image four times, just line it up and print!  We used a size large t-shirt, you may need to do just a little math to get the image to fit around the center of the shirt.)


(This is an iLovetoCreate exclusive blog by Margot Potter


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