Friday, September 14

Quote for the Week: Creativity sets me free

Do you get into a happy place when you craft? Tell us about how crafts soothe your soul and get you in your zone below in the comments.


JoJo said...

It's very meditative for me to be in the zone, making something, even if I get halfway thru my project and decide I have to start over. I don't even like having music or the TV on...just nice and quiet, I get lost in my thoughts.

ifrog crafter said...

We live in a small duplex with a bonus room upstairs. That's where my studio is. I LOVE going up there, not only to create, but it's also a way for me to shut the world outside. Every time i sit down up there to work, i think "ahhhhhh".

Dawnll said...

Once I start touching my markers,paints,paper...I get in to my zone and find several hours later it is time to go to bed, or make
I could craft for days,it gives me such pleasure

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