Thursday, February 14

Convert Your Kids Art Into Party Decorations

I'm spicing things up today for I Love to Create and making a video with my daughter Tallulah. In the video we are making custom party hats using art work (and some of mom's vintage wrapping paper stash) created by she and her brother. They have a birthday party on the horizon and I wanted them to feel involved and included in the planning.


Children's art work


Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Party horns

Party hats

Decorative trim, stickers, gem stones and more!

I recently read a blog post about how we are letting Pinterest dictate our kids crafts and involvement with crafting projects. I too am guilty of wanting to make things like custom party decorations myself for the pretty finished picture that I can post all over various social networking sites. However, this does not do much for my kids. I wanted my kids to feel involved in their party planning. I wanted them to be proud of the decorations and favors. I wanted them to feel like their crafts were worthy of being pinned.


April Rowell said...

Good thinking! Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but I feel like its making us less creative cause we copy everyone else. Sometimes you just need to step away :)

Leslie Muller said...

I have been trying to find one of a kind party decorations similar to these however I believe I can also make some craft for my event. Thanks for posting these party decorations concept.

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