Saturday, April 27

Inside the iLoveToCreate studio via Instagram

There's always a lot of action going on in our studios on a daily basis!  This past week, there was a whole lotta tie dye going on, as well as a couple photo shoots.  One of the mom's of a model who came in brought this pretty conure.  We had to put him on a tie dye shirt and he also left a present for us on said shirt. Haha.  Oh, and by the way, he was born with his little feet that way, so nothing is wrong with him if you were wondering.

Lauri dip-dyed this shirt from Forever21.  She used the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye in coral.  It left it a cool purple tone!

We are making shirts in the studio using various products that can be mass-produced for shirts to be displayed in stores.  This neon shirt is using Tulip Fabric Sprays.

Pattiewack was painting Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye on specialty paper for an upcoming tradeshow.  The colors are so full and rich!

During our sales and marketing meetings, we all bring a craft to work on!  Alexa is working on  a new Puffy Paint Canvas in honor of PUFFY PAINT! See what she's going to do with it in this blog post.

We're decorating our human resources area with bright and vibrant pieces that we've created for our web site.  This rainbow-covered stool is so bright and cute...find the instructions to make it here.

And finally, we, once again are mass-producing shirts for retail stores!  We think we've hit the BULLSEYE on this one.


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