Friday, May 31

DIY Graffiti Beach Towels

Summer is just about here, which means we'll be (hopefully) hitting the beach, pool,, watering hose...When that time comes, let your towel show your colorful enthusiasm! I used the Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit to draw on white towels and check out the effect! I call them my Rainbow Graffiti Beach Towels! Here's a video I made with the complete instructions!

White cotton towels
Plastic tablecover
Grids to place under the towel so the dye doesn't spread underneath

1. Wash the towels in the machine. Take them out while they are damp.
2. Set up the tablecover and place the grids on top.
3. Place the towel on top and smooth out any wrinkles.
4. Mix the dyes according to package directions.
5. If you want, sketch out your design first,or just free style. Draw on the towel using the filled bottles.
6. Let set for six hours, cover with plastic.
7. Wash in cold water. Tumble dry.
8. Enjoy your summer!

What would you doodle on yours???


kelreg said...

Such a cute idea and the timing is perfect. My grandkids are coming for a visit. We live in a part of Texas called the Shinnery which is thorns, stickers and whatever will grow without much water. Our soil is sand so I have been planning a beach party for the kids and making these towels will be perfect! Thank you for such a wonderful idea.

bizzybeemom said...

My soon to be 12 year old daughter wants to have a art/craft themed b-day party and this is the perfect craft for her August b-day party. Thanks so much for the tute! I love your flowers.

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