Friday, May 10

How to Make Timeout Meditation bottles

Have you heard of timeout bottles?  They might just be the BEST THING EVER for parents with crying kids!   I don't have kids myself, but when I saw this tutorial from My Crazy Blessed Life, I had to give them a try (along with help from designer Lauri Eaton who mixed up the bottles below).  These instant calm down bottles are so cool that when I took them around to show everyone in the iLoveToCreate studios, everyone wanted to keep one at their desk to look at and they really wanted to make their own pretty, glittery bottle just for display. I don't know about you, but they kinda reminded me of those bubble hourglass timers I had as a kid - so fascinating to watch! Fascination aside, let me show you how to make them...
What you need:
– Sturdy clear bottle (ours was a Smart Water bottle)
– 2 bottles of Clear Gel Tacky Glue
– 3 Mini Tulip Fashion Glitters in colors of your choice (you could also use a larger vial of glitter)
– Pitcher
– Wooden Spoon

– Water from sink
Fill up your plastic bottle with water 1/2 of the way and pour into the pitcher. Now squeeze in both bottles of the 4 ounce Clear Gel Tacky Glue.
Next pour in all the glitter from the little bottles of water.
 Now mix up super well until there aren't any clumps.
Pour the solution inside your bottle. Add any remaining water from the faucet if you need to. There will be a little foam that forms at the top of the bottle. This is nothing to worry about, just part of how the solution works.

Now shake them up and have fun!  Here's what they look like in all their glittery glory!

I can think of a lot of friends I want to make and give these bottles too!  It's about a $5 solution that will get your kid in a calming state of mind. 


Unknown said...

I wonder how long it takes the glitter to settle, and does it settle to the bottom or remain suspended in the solution?

ilovetocreate said...

It does eventually takes about 30 minutes.

Shirley Barker said...

and then....glue the lid on!

Anonymous said...

What if you put in two different colors of glitter?

Anonymous said...

the more glue that you add, the slower the glitter settles.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a good idea to experiment with the glue/water ratio until you have a 'settling time' appropriate to the age of the child using it.

Unknown said...

Any other "glue" I can use? We don't get that brand here in South Africa. Or, could someone describe the texture to me please? Then I could look for something similar! TIA xx

Anonymous said...

Any sort of clear glue works, I think

Grafikadam said...

can we use water and glycerol mixture? (glue alternative)

Emma said...

I saw it suggested somewhere that you could use baby oil instead of water and glue... haven't tried this yet but have the kit to do it... now to find time!! ;)

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