Saturday, June 22

52 weeks of Art Plates with Laura Fraedrich: Weeks 19-22

Greetings, iLoveToCreate® blog fans! I am excited to share the next group of plates in my Art Plate series with you today!
  Plate #19 – Be Free

The idea for this plate came from a piece by one of my favorite artists - Ed Heck. He makes adorable yet simple compositions which most of the time involve a dog that looks just like my dog Dora. The particular piece that inspired my plate was called Holding On, and it is of a young boy holding on to a balloon that is trying to fly away. I changed it a bit and made it more personal. It just so happened that this week I had something I really needed to let go of...which I did. And I feel much better now!

  Plate #20 – Serenity Prayer

This one sort of goes with the plate above this one. I let go of what I needed to, but it wasn't easy at first. The Serenity Prayer was in my head a lot during this time. I decided to run with it and make a plate about it. It's a good reminder that there are things that you just can't change no matter how hard you try, and the time comes when you need to accept that fact and move on.

Plate #21 – Inspiration
I was having a tough time coming up with a theme this week and was looking everywhere for inspiration. When I say the word inspiration, I always think of one of my favorite songs by the Grateful Dead called Terrapin Station, which is where I got this lyric from. I paired it with a few psychedelic flowers and a new plate was born.

  Plate #22 – Make Your Own Sunshine
Although I live in California where there is usually no lack of sunshine, I made this little reminder that even though sometimes life can be tough, you have the ability to make the most out of your situation.
Don't forget, you can read more about my plates on my personal blog The Peculiar Palette.

These plates were made using Duncan® OhFour® Bisque plates, Cover Coats™, Concepts®, EZ Stokes®, French Dimensions™ and Pure Brilliance®
Until next time! 

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I love these plates soo cute & makes you smile,Thank's

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