Wednesday, June 19

Tulip Body Art Markers: Temporary Tattoo

Hey everyone! I have been itching to get another tattoo just like this. But I'm very indecisive. So, using, Tulip Body Art Markers, and help from my dad, I asked my dad if he could draw me a rose to see if I could really handle another!


 First, outline your design with your with the shimmer stick. If you mess up, you can take it off easy with a wipe!
 Next, Color in the design with the marker. To make it look like the rose had a bit of a shine, he didn't fill it in all the way. After this filling this, fill in the leaves. These markers dry right away, so don't worry about smearing it!  To take it off, use soap and water.
There you have it! Your own painless tattoo! I had this on for about a day and realized I didn't really want another one THIS big. Thank goodness for these body art markers!

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