Friday, July 26

DIY Phone Case - Vintage Junk Jewelry

Check out the DIY iPhone case I made with vintage junk jewelry.  I'm not usually a girlie girl, but sometimes you just need pearls, rhinestones, charms and buttons, right? 

What you need:
– phone case (I used one I found on sale)
– Vintage jewelry, gems, buttons, and beads
Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue
– Jewelry pliers/cutters

So, when I found this marked down iPhone cover at Ross, I couldn't resist picking it up for $5.99.
It was the perfect base for me to start with and add a little bling and sweetness.

I have to admit that I'm a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to vintage jewelry.   And it was really hard to choose exactly what I wanted to glue to the cover.  But I knew it needed just the right stuff.
Seriously, I could have just started at one corner and cover the entire thing, but I really wanted the flowers to be part of the design.  So I chose a handful of my favorite things and the charm "inspire".
I grabbed one of my favorite glues, Aleene's Jewelry and Metal adhesive, and it worked great.
Some of the pieces were earrings and buttons, and I snipped the backs off so that they would lay flat against the case and insure that the glue would hold when I shove the phone in and out of my purse.
And of course, I had to add a little "WACK" to my design with fabulous silver alpha cubes.
I hope you like it, and will be inspired to personalize your own phone cover with whatever you love.


Molly Freibott said...

I want one!! This was such a fun post! I was so glad to get to see the How To's! I have never made jewelry but know Fabulous when I see it!

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to make one of these! OK, at least one. I've wanted to do it for a couple of weeks, and you have given me inspiration to go for it!

Bessie Hudson said...

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FlyAwayHome said...

I LOVE this case! Just Beautiful.

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It'sJust Morgan said...

I love this post! Where can I get charms and beads for myself?

Couple Mobile Covers said...

Its an lovely phone Cases I really loved this cover. Thanks for sharing the blog.

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