Sunday, September 15

DIY Halloween Paint Blob Monster T-Shirt Tutorial

My degree is in psychology, so is my husbands. Both of my parents are psychologists. All that being said I am very familiar with rorschach tests. Ya know those blobs of black paint that you are supposed to find hidden meaning in? Ya those. Well in the Halloween issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 my friend Ginger Welch made adorable paint blob monsters on a stick. I got the idea to make these little blobs wearable and so these outfits were born.


T-shirt & dress

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint


Aleene's Fabric Fusion Glue



Gather your supplies and kiddlets. I suggest doing this outside and with a drop cloth. I opted for my porch and a yoga mat. As you can see my kids quickly dumped out my paint.

Cut a piece of foldable cardboard and put it between the front and back of your shirt. This helps the paint from seeping through to the back.

Next hand the paint over to your kids and tell them to go nuts. Baxter's favorite past time is squirting out finger paint, so he is a pro at that. Oh and never your mind that my kids are in jammies, pampers & have not seen a hairbrush in a few days.

I helped Baxter put the paint on just one side of the shirt, but you could do both.

Once your paint is in place gently fold your T-shirt in half.

Peel your shirt apart and set aside to dry completely.

When your paint has dried wash and dry your blob-a-rific outfits.

Next using felt and scissors make some eyeballs, mouths, mustaches - whatever your kid's little hearts desire. We went with a cyclops and 3 eyed vampire. Using Fabric Fusion Glue adhere your felt to your paint blob to create your monsters.

Next send your kids out into the world for the entire month's of Sept & Oct so they can beam with pride at their handiwork. Who needs to run out and buy Halloween T-shirts when you could make your own? Ok, you know I am still going to run out and buy them, but I might just like these monster blob shirts the best. Check out all my other fun Halloween posts here!

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