Tuesday, December 24

Geometric Glitter Heels DIY

I was challenged to glam up a pair of plain black heels for New Year's, 
so I took them to the extreme with some glitter and tape! They turned out so fun, sparkly, and one-of-a-kind!  Here's how you can get the look in just a few minutes!

First gather your supplies:
– Black high heels
– thin masking tape
 First rip off long pieces of tape and criss-cross them all over your shoe, creating lots of fun geometric shapes! Press securely in place.
 Next, use a paintbrush to dab on the Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond, doing one section at a time.
 Now sprinkle the glitter over the glitter fashion bond you just applied. Repeat this process on each section of the shoe, alternating glitter colors from gold to silver as you go.

Rip off the tape when you are finished covering the entire shoe!
Now you have your own sparkly and glam pair of shoes to wear for a fun night out!  No one is going to have as cool a pair of shoes as this at the party...I promise!


PinkStripeySocks said...

Looks amazing!

kmap111 said...

I want this for my shoes!!! they are beautiful!!

C said...

Does the glitter last?

theMarie said...


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