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DIY Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath

Egg Wreath generation-t.com
For this easy, bright DIY holiday decor, I was inspired by this yarn-wrapped egg wreath I stumbled upon on Pinterest. (Oh, and check out Aunt Peaches's yarn-wrapped eggs tutorial right here on iLoveToCreate!) But, being that I have stashes of T-shirt scraps rather than traditional yarn, I adapted the project to my own scrap heap (and recycling bin).
Pick traditional pastels from your T-shirt stash, go for brights, or tie-dye all those shabby old white ones to make ombre eggs.

Egg Wreath materials generation-t.com
What You Need:
-18-24 plastic eggs
-18-24 lengths of T-shirt yarn, plus more for the wreath base
(ideally, yarn should be stretched from 1/2" to 3/4"-wide strips)

-Aleene's Max Tacky Adhesive

-fabric scissors
-cardboard box (to make the wreath base)
-craft knife
-tape (optional)
-Tulip Beads in a Bottle (optional)
-Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit (optional)

Step1 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Apply the glue liberally to the top (slightly more pointed part) of the egg. Start spiraling one end of the T-shirt yarn around the egg, gently pressing it into the glue.
Step2 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Continue applying glue and spiraling the  yarn down the egg, keeping the "seam" (where the T-shirt yarn curls in on itself) hidden on the inside.
Step3 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Curl the end of the T-shirt yarn at the bottom with a generous dot of glue, and snip off any excess yarn. (About one complete T-shirt hem, size L, will wrap an entire egg.)
Step4 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Continue wrapping about 18-24 eggs until you have a good variety of colors represented. (Or, go monochromatic -- it's up to you!) Set aside the eggs to dry completely.
Step5 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Trace (I used a combination of different size mixing bowls for the inner and outer circles) and cut out a ring from the side of a cardboard box.
Step6 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Apply the glue generously to one side of the cardboard and wrap the T-shirt yarn tightly around it. Cover the cardboard ring completely to make the wreath base.
Step7 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Determine the arrangement of your wrapped eggs and, one at a time, apply a generous blob of glue to the underside of each. Press each egg firmly onto the wrapped wreath base.
Step8 Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Use tape if needed to hold the eggs in place until they're set.
Finish Egg Wreath generation-t.com
Remove any tape, and display your wreath!

-Really decorate your eggs by using Beads in a Bottle to add color and texture to the basic T-shirt yarn wrap.
-Use One-Step Tie-Dye to create ombre T-shirt yarn to wrap the eggs.

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