Monday, May 12

Origami Dyed Ruffle Tube Top DIY

Origami’s not just for paper, create cool patterns with simple folds and dye on a t-shirt to make your own Origami Dyed Ruffle Tube Top DIY. Using Tulip’s Tie Dye Kit it’s easy to create great color and fabulous patterns! Once you’re done with your dye turn that boring tee into a super cute and on trend ruffle tube top for summer. Dress it up or down you can’t go wrong with this fun summer top.

T-Shirt (use 2 sizes larger)
Elastic (I used ⅜”)
Safety pin
Sewing machine

step 1
Cut off the sleeves from your t-shirt.

step 2
Lay your t-shirt out flat and fold it in half long ways.

Then fold it in half again, same direction.

Then fold it again.

step 3
Square fold (blue top)
Fold your (folded) t-shirt into small accordion folds.

Triangle fold (multi top)
Fold your (folded) t-shirt into small triangular accordion folds. You don’t want to fold it over itself, fold the triangles back and forth so you will be able to get dye on all folds.

step 4
Mix up your dyes with water according to the directions.

Squeeze dye onto your folded t-shirts along the folded edges.

As the dye sits it will bleed into the center, so you only want to add it to the edges.

Let it sit for a few hours. The longer you let it sit the stronger your colors will be.

I wanted mine a little faded, so they only sat for about 2 hours.

step 5
Rinse your t-shirts until the water runs clear. Hang them to dry.

step 6
Turn your t-shirt inside out. (This will become the outside.)

Cut the neck off your t-shirt.

step 7
Fold the bottom hem over about 5.75 inches and pin along the fold.

Sew a seam along this folded edge, be sure to leave an opening to add your elastic.

step 8
Measure your elastic around your chest just under your arms.

TIP: I recommend making your elastic a little tighter than you would normally. (You don’t want your top falling down!)

Pin your safety pin to one end of your elastic.

Feed your elastic through the hole in your seam and around the top of your tube top.

step 9
Fold the ends of your elastic over each other and sew them together. 

TIP: I recommend trying your top on to make sure the elastic fits properly before sewing the elastic casing closed.

step 10
Now that you have your ruffle, turn your shirt inside out.

Pin and sew the sides to bring it in a bit if you want.

You can also leave the bottom sides open a few inches for a shirt-tail hem.

There are so many ways you can customize this top have fun with it!

To see more fun fashion DIY’s check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea!!

Ci Ci said...

What about washing?? When you finish dying the fabric, shouldn't you wash it to wash out excess color and set the colors ?

Unknown said...

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