Thursday, September 18

Day Of The Dead String Lights

Day of the Dead has gone mainstream. This beautiful holiday from Mexico called Dia de los Muertos has an interesting history and backstory. Today almost everyone is familiar with a sugar skull, this season they seem to be going hand in hand with Halloween decor. I'm blending the two in my own decorating. The vintage wet bar in my formal living room was missing something. Once I saw the new Crafty Chica tattoos, I knew exactly what that something was. Day of the Dead string lights.


– Ping Pong Balls
– Craft Knife
– String Lights (LED)
– Small Faux Flowers
– Small Plastic Skeletons
– Scissors
Using a craft knife (a drill would work too) I made small slits in the tops and bottoms of the ping pong balls. These holes will be where your skeleton and light bulb go.

Next I stuffed the head of my dollar store skeletons into one of the slits in the ping pong balls.
After my skulls were inserted I applied my tattoos to the front of the balls just like you would on your skin. Follow the package instructions. In the other hole I inserted the string lights. At this point I decided extra head flowers were in order.
I am officially checking this vignette off of my Halloween / Day of the Dead decorating to do list. Mission accomplished the string lights were exactly what this space needed!
Check out more fun from Jennifer Perkins on her blog.

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red scorpio said...

aMAzing! This project is simple and awesome. Mind BLOWN with the ping pong ball idea. I have about 80,000 things I want to make now. You rule.

Allison @ Dream a Little Bigger said...

These are so cute! I LOVE THEM!

md .easin1988 said...

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