Thursday, October 9

Day Of The Dead Faux Cactus Bookends

I love all things Day of the Dead. This rich vibrant holiday from Mexico has a beautiful meaning and adorably fun symbols. Leave it to the Crafty Chica to take sugar skulls to the next level. These iron on patches from her new line look great on a pair of jeans (just ask my daughter), but they also look good on a faux cactus planter.


– Crafty Chica Day of the Dead Iron-On Appliques
– Rocks
– Planters
– Craft Paint
I sent my children on a mission for large smooth rocks on their recent trip to the park. When they return I enlisted their help in painting the rocks to look like cactus. Various shades of green craft paint can easily achieve this look.
Using Aleene's Tacky Glue I attached my appliqués to my planters.
Once your "faux" cactus have tried put them into your planter. I used various smaller rocks inside the planters in place of dirt so that my planters could also act as bookends or paper weights if I wanted.

Using Tacky Glue I added a few flowers to my center cactus.

I love this arrangement on my desk. It does not matter that it gets very little to no sun, because my cactus are fake after all. What are you going to add an appliqué to?
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