Sunday, December 21

Coiled Paper Coasters

Coaster finish5a What to do with all those holiday catalogs clogging up the mailboxes? Turn their pages into items (like coasters...) that help celebrate the holidays! Post-Christmas, you can use up any leftover wrapping paper to whip some up before New Year's even--the sky's the limit.


What You Need:
-Aleene's Always Ready Fast Grab Tacky Glue (available
in the checkout aisle at Joann stores!)

-1 to 2 mail-order catalogs (I happened to have a winning combination
Lands' End and Victoria's Secret in my mailbox)
-1 bamboo skewer
-Tulip Soft Metallics paint (I used gold for a subtle sheen)
-Foam pouncer paintbrush

Tear out pages from the catalogs (or remove the staples entirely) and cut each page in half. Then, using the skewer as your guide, roll the paper around the skewer on the diagonal.
Coaster step1

Dab a small amount of glue at the corner to seal the catalog page to itself and slide out the skewer. Repeat to make about 24 paper "straws" total (about 24 straws per one 3.5"-diameter coaster).
Coaster step2

Flatten one of the paper straws and wrap one end tightly around the skewer. Squeeze a thin line of glue along the rest of the flattened straw and slowly coil it (tightly!) around itself.
Coaster step3

Once you have a small, tightly wound disc, remove the skewer.
Coaster step4

Continue to add flattened straws to the disc by inserting one end inside or underneath the previous one.
Coaster step6

Then apply glue and extend the coil. Repeat until the disc is about 3.5" across.
Coaster step5

Lay it flat (roll over it once with the skewer--like a rolling pin--to flatten it uniformly), and sponge a small amount of glue evenly across one side--just enough to add a subtle sheen. It should dry quickly and adds a unifying element to the set of coasters.
Coaster step7

Repeat as necessary to make a set of 4 or 6 (or more!) and start pouring.
Coaster finish3

Coaster finish4


Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE idea! I will try this.

Megan Nicolay, Generation T said...

Thanks, Sue! Let me know how they turn out!

Linda Clineman said...

Excellent!! I love re-purposing crafts and projects.

WobiSobi said...

I love this!!

amie'lie said...

oh ! many thanks ! i love !

coasterart rakhee said...

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coasterart rakhee said...

Wow, I really like your post because the information which you given in this blog is really extra ordinary.
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Elizabeth said...

just add a link to this post to my blog. Thank you for the tutorial. We made this also a couple of years ago, but we had not the complete tutorial . So I lent yours... have a good time and enjoy all the creative stuff.... Hartelijke groeten uit Nederland. Elizabeth

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