Thursday, January 29

Make a Glittered Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras is around the corner. Have you booked your tickets to New Orleans yet? Me neither. However, that does not mean I won't be celebrating here in Austin. I already have my glittery mask in the ready position.

– Tulip Fashion Glitter - green, gold and purple
–Blank mask
– Tulip Glitter Paint
– Paint brushes
I decided to go with a striped motif on my mask. One section at a time I first applied Tulip Glitter Paint. You could also use Tacky Glue for this step.
While your glue or paint is still wet sprinkle on your glitter to coat.
Shake off any excess glitter and move on to your next stripe of color. Repeat for gold, purple and green.
Who knows if I will actually wear my mask on Fat Tuesday or if I will sit on my green couch sipping a hurricane and just bask in the sparkly glory.
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