Wednesday, April 29

Keepsake Frame for MOM

Here's a nice little idea to make and give away for Mother's Day, or just make two and keep one for yourself!  My dresser is where I go to every morning to put on my jewelry and get ready for the day, so I jazzed it up a little bit with this vanity frame that I can place my favorite jewelry on, a little twig of babies breath, some burlap roses, and little notecards and sentimental memorabilia. Oh, and I'm always looking for scissors to cut out tags, so I added a place so I could poke them, too.
My craft store was the perfect place to grab everything I needed. I found a unfinished wood frame, clothespins, striped burlap scrapbooking paper, burlap rosettes, miniature glass vases, and foam core board. I also found a pair of old earrings and a necklace in my jewelry drawer I decided to use to embellish the frame. But my main craft supply was Liquid Fusion clear urethane adhesive.
I placed the burlap scrapbook paper on the foamboard and put it all into the frame. You can glue around the edges if your frame doesn't have the little tabs to hold it in.
Next, I decided to make some fancy-dancy thumbtacks.  I used a pair of wirecutters to cut the posts off the earrings.
Then I put glue around the edges of large tacks and pressed the earrings onto the tacks.  Easy peasy!
 I set the thumbtacks aside to dry while I worked on the frame.
To embellish the top of the frame I squeezed liquid fusion onto the back of the old necklace and adhered it to the frame.
The teeny weenie glass vases were easy to attach to the frame with more of the Liquid Fusion.
I finished it off with burlap roses and clothespins in the corners to hold little notes.  I let it dry overnight before setting it on my dresser to use.

I'm tickled to death with how it came out. Now I have the cutest little place to display some of my favorite things.

Now I just need to make another one for my MOM.....
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies out there!


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