Monday, May 25

Leather Bracelets with Opaque Fabric Markers

Fabric markers are one of my favorite crafting tools, but the only problem is their limitation to what kind of fabric and what colors you can work on. The Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers have solved that problem. You can even use them on leather as I have for these fun bracelets! I love how easily you can get great strong color right on leather that won’t rub off. I even tried getting it wet and rubbing it and it’s permanent! So get ready to create your own patterns and art on all kinds of leather or pleather. These opaque fabric markers are awesome!

Strips of leather

step 1
Cut your leather into thin strips.

Mine are about 15" long, you can make yours as long as you like.

I recycled an old leather jacket for this leather, but you can also get leather at most craft stores.

step 2
When your markers are new and it’s your first time using them, I recommend having a swatch to practice on. Follow the instructions on the package to start the flow of ink in your marker. This will take a few minutes.

First, with the cap still on, shake your marker with the end pointed down.

Second, on your swatch press firmly until the ink starts to flow.

On the colored markers you can see the ink moving down.

step 3
Using your Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers draw your designs onto your leather.

It will take a minute for the marker to dry on the leather, so be careful not to touch it until it’s dry.

But once it’s dry it’s permanent.

step 4
Wrap your leather strips around your wrist and measure about 3 inches from the end and cut a small slit.

step 5
Feed the other end of the bracelet through the slit.

This is how you will tighten and close your bracelet.

step 6
You can also cut fringe or a feather shape on the end of your bracelet.

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For more fun fashion DIY projects
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