Thursday, May 21

Space Sticker Resist ColorShot Shirts

I am pretty smitten with the new Tulip Color Shot line. Sure I work for them, but really - the colors are so vibrant, the paint goes on so dreamy and well it's spray color. There is nothing to mix or paint, just spray and go. I have a feeling by the end of the summer not much in my wardrobe will be safe from the spray. Look how bright and neon those colors are, I mean come on!

– White T-Shirt
– Foam stickers
These types of shirts are ridiculously easy to make. Put stickers all over the shirt and spray. Follow the package instructions for spraying. Light spray layers, well shaken cans and pre-washed fabric are all things to keep in mind. The way you place the stickers, how many stickers you use and the colors you spray can vary. I love the combination of pink, blue and yellow with slight overlap.
Once your paint has dried remove your stickers and discard.
Love, love, love the way these turned out! So quick and easy. I'm telling you nothing is safe from this spray.
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Walter Silva said...


Jane Reiter said...


Viva La DIY said...

Love it!

Angela croom said...

How does it look after washing?

Amy said...

❤ How does it wash up?

Jennifer Perkins said...

Hey guys I truly have not washed it yet, but I left it outside in a torrential rain storm and it is fine. Also, I have done this idea before with a different fabric paint spray from I Love to Create and it washed up great.

Laura said...

How many shirts can you get per can of spray? I have a girl scout troop and love this idea, but don't want to overbuy or not get enough.

Деян Кривошеенко said...

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