Wednesday, June 10

Leaf Print Color Shot Pillows

Fabric paint has come a long way since the days of accordion-shaped squeeze tubes. These days you can find it in all manner of formats, the newest and most exciting being Tulip's new Color Shot spray paint. 

That's right: spray paint for fabric.

Y'all. Get ready for this. 

Cotton pillowcases (sheets, clothing, or any sort of fabric will work great too!)
Leaves or yard clippings (flat-laying foliage will work best)

*Note: Plan on working in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors on a less-than-windy day. 
Lay your pillowcase flat on the ground. Shake your can of Color Shot for at least one minute. 
Spray directly downward is slow, sweeping motions. If you want a second coat, let it dry at least one hour between coats. 
Remove the foliage and admire your work. 
Great job!


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