Thursday, July 30

Make a DIY Necklace Display That is as Unique as Your DIY Jewelry

I have a lot of necklaces. Remember Naughty Secretary Club? Ya that was me. Not only did I make a lot of necklaces, I also bought a lot. I'm still buying and still making for that matter. I decided I needed to whip myself up a necklace display that truly represented me. I don't wear black velvet like the displays at the store. I needed something to help with my pattern on pattern obsession.

– Tacky Glue
– Cardboard or foamboard
– Necklace display
Trace your necklace stand onto a piece of cardboard or foamboard. If your handy with a saw use wood or MDF. Add a head and possible bun, beehive or flip hairstyle to the top. Cut out.
Using Puffy Poster Paint decorate your cardboard. I love the raised texture this stuff has, makes for great dimension. I used a combination of my fingers and a paintbrush to apply. My daughter mentioned it had the consistency of icing and she is right. Allow your design to dry completely. I later went in with a black marker to add facial details.
At this point how you make your display functional is up to you. Feel free to cut out and glue a stand to the back of your bust. I decided to use Tacky Glue and attach my entire black velvet display to the back of my design. My jewelry tends to be chunky so I needed something substantial. Allow to dry completely.
Add a necklace. Clip a barrette on that bun. Poke some holes in the sides for earrings. I may not make jewelry for a living anymore, but I'm seriously considering going into the jewelry display making business after this fun project.
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