Thursday, August 6

DIY Ombre Zebra Skin Shower Curtain

I have been living in my house for over two years and still have yet to hang a shower curtain in the kids bathroom. Given they are bath people so it has not mattered much, but it is something that eventually needed to be done. When we moved in I transferred all the art and even the window treatment from my son's nursery to the bathroom. The whole bathroom has a fuchsia zebra skin vibe so finding the perfect shower curtain has been a bit of a struggle. As with most things, when I can't find exactly what I want I make my own.

– Packing Tape
– White Shower Curtain
– Necklace display
Cut your packing tape into triangular zebra striped patterns. Place the tape randomly to the bottom portion of your shower curtain. Feel free to do the entire curtain, but you will need 3-4 cans of Color Shot.
Once you tape is applied take your shower curtain outside and apply your Color Shot. Several thin coats will work better than trying to get jet black your first go around. I also wanted a slightly ombre look.
Allow to dry completely and peel away and discard your tape. Wash your shower curtain after 24 hours and before hanging. Since this is a fabric shower curtain a plastic liner is not a bad idea. Hey remember that time I decapitated my kids stuffed zebra and mounted it? Ya good times.
Now when and if my children ever graduate to showers we will be ready!
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