Tuesday, August 25

No-Sew Superhero Cape

superhero finish2 generation-t.com
Here's a classic I recently adapted from my second book, Generation T: Beyond Fashion, because, hey,  it's superhero season (okay, okay, when is it not...). A plain T-shirt is the key ingredient to this phonebooth-like transformation. Whether you're a superhero at rest, or in action (leaping tall buildings in a single bound, racing faster than a locomotive, and generally exercising capabilities beyond those of mortal men (and women) -- you know, the usual), this cape has got you covered. Well, partially covered. The superhero in my household requested an orange lightning bolt on his cape, so once I created the basic shape, I made a couple of stencils I could layer to get the two-color effect.

What you need:
-Pencil or pen
-Fabric scissors
-Freezer paper (for stencils)
-Craft knife and cutting mat
-Warm iron

superhero materials generation-t.com
PART 1: The cape.

1. Lay the T-shirt flat, back side up. Use the pencil and ruler to mark a diagonal line from about 4" up from the T-shirt hem along the left side of the shirt to a point 2" left of the neckband. Mark a second diagonal line from about 4" up from the T-shirt hem along the right side of the shirt to a point 2" right of the neckband.
2. Continue the diagonal lines over each shoulder at the top until they intersect just below the front of the neckband.
3. Continue the diagonal lines around to the front of the shirt at the bottom until they reach the hem.
4. Cut along the pencil markings, through just one layer, and around the neckband in the front.
Superhero StepsA-D generation-t.com
Slip the neckband over your superhero's head. The hem at the bottom adds a nice weight, but check that it isn't too long so that it's in danger of getting snagged or stepped on, and trim it if necessary.
Superhero StepE generation-t.com
PART 2: The design.
1. Sketch out your design onto the matte side of a sheet of freezer paper. superhero step1
2. Use the craft knife and cutting mat to cut out the portion of the design you'd like to appear in one color. Then repeat the design on a second piece of freezer paper, and cut out only the portion of the design that you'd like to appear in a second color. (Example: I cut the lightning bolt out of the first sheet of paper; and I cut the circle around the lightning bolt from the second sheet of paper.) Use a warm iron to center and press the first stencil onto the back of the T-shirt.
superhero step2
3. With the can held about 6"-8" from the surface, spray a light coat of the desired color.
superhero step3
4. Let it dry for at least 5 minutes before applying a second coat for better color saturation.
superhero step4
5. Let dry and then peel up the stencil.
superhero step5
6. Apply the second stencil, making sure that the edges line up to mask the first image.superhero step6
7. With the can held about 6"-8" from the surface, spray a light coat of the second color, let it dry for 5 minutes, then apply a second coat.
superhero step7
8. Let it set, then peel up the stencil. Ta-da! Let dry completely before trying on.
superhero step8
Now, test out the cape's powers!
superhero finish generation-t.com


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