Tuesday, September 8

Fox Tea Towel. DIY

I needed some new Tea Towels for Fall 
and love the shape of a Fox Silhouette 
so I decided a little Glitter Fox Tea Towel was the perfect project.
All you need is a couple of Tea Towels some paint,a little glitter of course, 
and your Kitchen will have an updated Fall Look.

Things you need
  1. Cotton Tea Towels* Walmart in the Cross Stitch section.
  2. Stencil * I drew this one, but there are lots on the internet
  3. Tulip Fabric Paint
  4. Knife
  5. Glitter
  6. Stencil Pouncer
 Draw and cut out your Stencil using an X-acto knife.

 Fold your tea towel in half to find the center.
 Once you have the center place your stencil in the middle of the tea towel.

 Put some gold Tulip Fabric paint on a paper plate
Put some paint on your pouncer, 
Pounce the stencil until you get the desired look you want
 While the paint is still wet sprinkle on  some of your gold glitter.
 Let dry completely about 12 hours.

Hang in your favorite spot.
Have a wonderful Day!


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