Friday, October 30

Free Halloween Craft Project! iLoveToCreate Teen Crafts Spooky Sparkly Flower Clip

Spooky Sparkly Flower Clip
Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate Teens!
"Mom crafted, kid approved"

If your teen is still not sure what to wear for Halloween, here’s a little idea that’s big on possibilities. This sparkly flower clip is a breeze to make and you can easily remove the faux web and spiders so it becomes everyday friendly. I purchased my flower clip at H&M, but I’ve seen these all over the place this season. You can opt to make these in any color, but I chose black for Halloween. Pin this to a thick black ribbon for a Morticia/Vampire style choker or to fashion a wrist corsage for a Dead Prom Queen, glitter up a bouquet of black roses for a Corpse Bride or attach a few glittered flowers to a headband for Frida Kahlo, or a bunch of them in various colors to a huge hat for a La Catrina Day of the Dead costume. You can find old prom dresses and wedding dresses for a song at your local thrift shops, then just shred and spray with black fabric spray. Easy peasy!

Large fabric flower pin/hair clip
Faux spider webbing
Three plastic spider rings
Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond
Tulip Fashion Glitter
in black
Liquid Fusion glue

1. Pour a puddle of glitter bond on a non-stick sheet or a plate and dip the flower into it. (You’re looking to get a thin bead of glue on the edge of all of your petals; you can also opt to carefully squeeze the glue on the petal edges.)

2. Pour a small pile of glitter directly on your flower. Allow to dry for ten minutes and dump excess glitter on newspaper and back into jar. You can also opt to dump glitter on a non-stick sheet or a plate. Dip flower into glitter and let dry for a half of an hour and then dump excess glitter back into jar. Let glitter dry overnight.

3. Cut of a small section of faux webbing. Tie it around the width of the flower loosely with a knot in the back (you don’t want to lose your flower shape.)

4. Dab glue on the back of the body of your spiders and press the webbing into the glued areas on spiders. (Don’t glue the spiders to the flower or you won’t be able to remove them later.) Allow to dry.

Avalon looking Spooky Sparkly!


Rain said...

Over at the blogs, we thought we'd put together a photo collage holiday blog roundup if you're interested, ala Alexa's Terrorific Tuesdays.

It's a craft roundup, so any holiday tutorials or recipe how-to's and patterns are welcome to take part. All holiday traditions are welcome including Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah...

Everyone will be posting a group of holiday crafts each Thursday until the date of Christmas Eve. Shoot me an email to join up if you're interested.

Jum said...

This is such a cute crafting idea!! I guess, instead of making a halloween themed chocker, I could use a pastel coloured flower then put glitter and add cute ribbon, charms, beads etc. This tutorial is perfect for every time of the year!

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