Thursday, June 3

Wally the Whale Summer Boat Shoes

Summer is upon us, and though I am miles from Nantucket there is no good reason why I shouldn't have a pair of boat shoes right here in Austin, TX.

Plain Shoes
Tulip Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
Rick Rack
Fabric Fusion Glue
Clothes Pins

Snag a cheap pair of shoes to adorn. My pair came from Wal Mart, but Target and Payless are also good options.

Using Fabric Fusion Glue trim your shoes in rick rack.

Lucky me my friend Caitlin Topham was here to paint some adorable whales on my shoes using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint! I feel closer to the East Coast already.

What do you think are googly eyes too much? It would just take a couple of squirts of Liquid Fusion Glue.

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