Friday, November 19

Party favors: Thankful Bubbles!

Thanksgiving is all about giving THANKS! And what better way than to do that than to start right as people enter your home for the annual gathering?

 These are champagne bubble bottles that I've converted into "Thankful bubbles." The idea is to make a new label of something to be thankful for and then blow a bubble in its honor! It will remind your guests of the blessings in their lives, and also celebrate the acknowledgement!

1 package of Champagne-themed bubbles (I found these at Walmart)
1 sheet of scrapbook paper

 Cut the tip of your Paper Glaze bottle at the very top to get a thin tip. This will make your writing super fine.
 Cut strips of paper to fit around the bottle. Write the word with the Paper Glaze and then pour on the glitter. Tap away excess.

  You can write words that represent what you are thankful for, you can write them in other languages, or you can write the names of everyone attending your feast! Let the glue dry. Wrap the labels around the bottles and secure with a small piece of tape in the back.

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