Friday, February 4

Freezer Paper Stencil Roundup!!

Crafters and fashionistas alike love making custom stencils using Tulip® Soft Paints, a cutting knife, and freezer paper found at the local grocery store! We thought we'd bring you some of the cool ideas we found on the web to inspire you to make your own!!

I just love the colors in these onesies from the MmmBoppin blog! Don't they remind you of a circus?

On the Armelle blog, there's sophisticated and cool ideas for looks for the little man in your life!

Shwin & Shwin puts on her very own Project Toddler Runway with these adorable freezer paper leggings!

SirBubbaDoo has a great step by step tutorial for working with Freezer Paper stencils!

Make an adorable Big Sister shirt with Our Daily Obsessions!

We'd love to see what you love to create! Share your freezer paper stencil project with us! Send us a shout at!

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