Wednesday, May 18

10 Ways to Tie Dye a Pillow

Have you ever seen tie dye pillows and thought - "I can make that!" We're here to say - yes, you can! Pillows are easy to create and make a bold statement, no matter what dye technique used.

Here are some pictures to get your creative wheels turning. Don't forget, all it takes is one of our all-inclusive Tulip kits and you are ready to rock (or dip...or tie...or squirt...)

Use these as inspiration to make your own signature version - come up with your own designs and techniques. Don't forget to share your creations in our online gallery!

1. A version of this striped pillow cover from West Elm would look pretty snappy on your couch, don't you think?

 2. How about a tie dye pillow bed for your poochie? Here are the directions!

3. We love this scarlet and white bedding circular centerpiece that finishes this global look just right from House to Your Home.

4. Everyone loves cupcakes! Here is a sweet project for a girly girl bedroom - and directions too!

5. Old school '70s style is a timeless look. Even ElleDecor says so! (TIP: Tie dye two cloth napkins, sew together, add a pillow form and you are set!)

6. Check out this gorgeous indigo bedding from Ralph Lauren. This would make a great wedding or housewarming gift for someone special.  You know you can make your own version of this!

 7. How about this Wild Peace Pillow?

8. Kuba pillows. From
Kuba pillows use the bold geometries and rich textures of vintage hand-woven raffia cloth from the Kuba people of the Congo. Left in its natural color or dyed with organic red, brown and ochre dyes, it is sewn into applique and reverse-applique, traditionally used in long wrap-around dancing skirts. The flat-weave fabric may also be tie-dyed, embroidered or decorated with cowry shells.

9. Look at this gorgeous tie dye pillow that Etsy seller, DyedStitches, made from diapers and towels! Once she adds her mixed media magic, those fabrics are transformed! We love that she thinks out of the box - cloth diapers? Awesome and oh-so-artful!

10. Tie dye can be used to make beautiful floral designs, just like this! Here is how to do it!

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