Tuesday, July 26

Superhero Arm Warmers from an Old T-shirt!

This T-shirt transformation project is my favorite of the accessories in my first book. They're super easy to stitch up in an afternoon, and even easier to embellish with iron-on glitter sheets--which seriously increase the superhero factor.

These arm warmers are especially good for:
1) Completing late night deadlines (reports, papers, presentations, tax filing, etc.).
2) Healing goose-bumped flesh in the over-air-conditioned spaces of warm-weather climates.
3) Protecting long-armed folks from that pesky draft caused by the gap between the glove and sleeve in cold weather climates.
4) Shielding the knuckles of bicyclists from biting winds when they ride really fast.
5) Executing superhero power stances.

-1 or more old T-shirts (with the bottom hem intact)
-Fabric marking tool
-All-purpose scissors
-Fabric scissors
-Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
-Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets
-Pressing cloth

1. Measure the distance around the middle of your forearm (x). Mark a rectangle x" wide and between 11" and 14" tall that lines up along one of the side folds of the T-shirt and extends up from the bottom hem.

2. Use the fabric scissors to cut out the rectangle through both layers.

3. Cut open the side, along the fold of the shirt.

4. Fold each rectangle, right sides in, and make two marks along each of the open edges that measure 1 1/2" and 3 1/2" from the hem.

5. Stitch along the open edge, about 1/4" from edge, leaving an opening (for the thumbs!) between the two marks.

6. Turn the arm warmers right side out and orient the thumb holes about one-third from the edge.

7. Use all-purpose scissors to cut out fun shapes from the iron-on glitter sheets (in pairs, if you want your arm warmers to match).

8. Keeping the arm warmers oriented as they were in Step 6, flip them over and arrange the glitter shapes near the hem. Peel away the shiny surface layer from the shapes, lay a pressing cloth over the arm warmers (being careful not to disturb the placement of the shapes), and press firmly with the iron for about 40 seconds. Repeat if necessary to set the glitter transfer.

9. Turn off and unplug the iron. Try on your new pair of superhero arm warmers!

10. Use all the shapes you cut out in Step 7 to make more!

Optional: Use remaining T-shirt scraps to make a matching superhero mask or headband!

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